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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. He likes the longer and varying stride, JSia iro XAo D T^ v Ktk'f) ri Bi U, Kal hofp^pm — that is, the canter or ga Uop ; the worsts he says, is that where the dis- tance of the legs in atanding is the maximum of their stride, teo Khs ^4^ tt r V Bidbra Tii' Ifx" "^'*"^ ff Kt Kwv wi fifyi(TTT]f. critics, the book lias remained a apecial favourite \ il Sidt Wattr Tuton: a Story of that good tr School Itayt at tht Cape, Edited by jngston, Hlth eight l Uastra Hom, ^Sampson tofrfish adaptation of an American book, of \ Kingston *«ys with great justice, " it is Kkm I and hearty a i^pirit, and ha» »o thorough md »ea-br6e Kerils overcomet |!

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. We have this ugly motion in the cart or draught-horse when put into a trot; it is something like a four-legged table set in motion, without the power of bending and stretching the legs. br Litth Folk, Jl Juttratrd with more thun id Picturet, Edited by Madamo tie Chatc- twood.) i Cbatelain and lier publishers deserve the nui^t^ric A for this pretty collection of ohl r J(e», and all the pretty woodcuts by which rth. Fftrttcn Unor Prioa* *a., of ibe folloirii Mr Book*.

had not elapsed before the law in this respect underwent an important chanpre. 8 (5 & Anne, cap, 5, in common printed editions), was passed **for 9ecurin|2^ the Cburch of England as hy Law estahlisihed," jmd hy this Act, which was inserted bodily in the Act of Union with Scotland, of which it forms the twenty-iifth article, it was enacted : — •• That after tlie Demi^ of Her Majesty (whom God long preserve) tbo Sovereign next suocecding; to Her Majesty in the Royal Government of the Kini^om of Great Britain, and io for ever hereafter, ev^ry King or Qnc«a auccecding and cominj^ to the Eoyal Goramment of thft Kingdom of Great Britain at his or her Coronation, fthallt, in the presence of all penons who shall be alteni Ung^ assisting, or otherwise there and then present, take anct subaoribe an Oath to maintain and preserve iiiviolaldy the said Settlement of the Church of England, and the Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government thereof, as bv Law established within the Kingdoms of Engtanti and Ireland, the Dominion of Wale A, and Town of Ber^ wick-upon-Twoed, and the Territorica thereunto belongs ing/'* It will be observed that by this Act the Act of Willium and Mary was not interfere with; the oath was not removed to give place to any' new oath, but every succeeding sovereij^n was to take and subscribe '*' an '* oath " To maintain and preserve inviolably the said Settlement of the- Church of En^rland, and the Doctrine, Worahip^ Discipline, and Government thereof ad b/ Jaw established," &c. Roger Puleston, bad an only ( Nicholas Bftgnall (oh. ^» tion, but probably bis blo Lrmnhv mnv \w found k Oxbenry^s Drani Qiic Bi V rise to a much more interesting ' dialect versions in ** N. 239, 350.) I suppose that nobody at the present day will accept literally Livy^s story of Hannibal and the vinegar, which, for the sake of cleamesd, I tran- scribe : — " Inde ad mpcm maniendam, per quam nnam via eaae poterat, milites dacti, qaam cicdendum esset saxum, ar* boribus circa immensibus dejcctis detnincatisque, struem ingentem lignorum faciunt : eamqae (quum et vis vent! And how, amidst frost and snow, during the fifteen days of the passage (xxi. 392.) As the author of the first of these articles, I may point out to Ajiglo-Scotus that the dictum to which he refers could not at that time be called novely as it had been brought forward a dozen, if not fifteen, years previously. AF Inscription, — sed rotum ; non rausicii chordul Sj sed cor ; foil dainans, ^ed amaui, pfallitur aure Dei." •• Tt* not the voice, but vow, Sound h«! EMBLEMATICAL PICTir RE, desirous of aacertaininjj: the ineiming of a ire which is evidently emblematical, but of h 1 fear it will not be easy to give a very d&H'ription. ii, 581.) — Tho n-j^.;- ment |^ven by your correspondent as prruliir to Northamptonshire is part of a very old b*Jlai widely spread over England, Scotland, isil ^^ Border.

The oalh thus modified was taken by George L, George 11,, and George III. 1712) of Neii PI as Newdd ; who married the Lad^ lotte, da. Advice to the Wbiifs; ^ith Hl Qt5 to the Deinocratfl, and Cautions to the Edia. & Q.'* l)\i\ den controversy and litigution, / **a new version of an old song, and v.*.-... in this squib i.s doubtless to Henry Lee :r, and author of Caleb Quotem and hit Poetry, andj'ntty ! apta faciendo igni coorta esset), succendunt, ardentiaque %xa infuso aceto patrefaciunt." — Lib. 38), could Hannibal have collected wo, 584, or eigtt centuries subsequent to the i BWi of Aftoca and the Maury a race. The fir Ht time a doubt was started as to the truth of the previously entertained notion that this attitude marked the tomb of a person who had been in the Holy Land, was at the Rochester Oonjgreas of the Archeeological Association in 1853, wh*»n it was remarked, in reference to the fine military brass of Sir Robert Sept vans, 1306, on the t! 40 L In 1857 the Asswmtion visited Wells Cathedral, and Mr. artf not Aoundini^ $trtngp True zeal, not outward show. It is painted in oi& on panel, ■*»e »3 30 iacbes by 24. I am in formed upon the best authority tliat^ in the pariisli of Nortn Kelsey, in Lincofns Mre, a uiortuarj' fee of ten shil Ungs is always paid to the Ticar on the death of any freeholder or tenant- farmer. An English version, taken ' - - ►'- m t^ recitation of an old woman » w^n^ i Vm London in the Ih*awinfj Jltt^nn Cot 1837.

He «1^ told them the world waa at an end^ and thej all gathered together into one place in an hoo K, and all the beasta were almost atarved. D., Bishop of Bangor, 1G16 ; fi«m \ scends the pi'esent Marquis of Arthur Bagnall, e. — It ha ment implic'tly received and telied t ^ myself and others, that as many a9 'fd of Constable's Dimia appeared betwoeq 1C»04. I trutit alioi the mystery attending it will be cltart4| Who wrote it ? What are tbe poen that are not found elsewhere 'f i bear any watermarks f Mr. ^ ^ Yard, Goodman's Fields, has an astonithiftg If ledge of paper, and at aglanoo caa name tbe J of ancient makers, and I hope that we marl his valuable opinion. I should feel obliged also if any intimatt of the late Albert Smith would afford me information respecting him. h,* only A portion of Cotty"^ History of Ltmco' l81$,ito^ bound in a separate volume. .i-j»k is printed entitled lieporit .dhndj made to his lation of Kirks, &c.. a folio volume begin Di Dg a Vitas Sanctorum Patrum/' iicit liber quintus de vitis sanc- i)eo ^atias " f At the commence- hird btjok it roads : ** Incipit pro- epi in libru tertiu de vitis patrii." 'i Us Santtonim Patrum, 1470. in the following mett, 'printer, Bristol." No date. The latest grant of land made by any of them that has hitherto been discovered bears the date of a.b. Wiwdw the conjeclore is well foonded or not, * iin TK-'^iil u attitude could scarcely bo merely convt thi artist A. 2G.) At the Congresa of 1S59, which was he W* 1 thinkj at Salisbury, Mr. upper comers of the picture are , ^ n»ir to the left of the spectator a li..,.

One man whom they thonght not so wise ai tbenn pulled the Stoclu and fed the Cattl Ot otherwise they wonld att have perished. Now a copy ot the 4 to of 150 Miller co Uection, and an edition of M or sm. Tbe age of ^'^^^^^ t^-^M [• Edward Knight was aoi f»Hv n poet, but hia powcra «s able J there wa* an o i pl«y 0f the muv U-s of h. — What is the earliest instance of a postage stamp on a letter ? John Sheehan, Editor of the forthcoming new of the Bendey Baliads, York House. The mc uf Com^*A work contains '* A Genea Jog^ical fet of tha two f^nitlies of Chndvrick of Chttdwick, ddwick of Healey, Ridwar^, New Hall, Callow^, rcticborp* Jf C, with t Ucir varioua cnnnectlufi K, in the tinliea of Lanciuter, Staffurt], Warwick, Derbr, Tark, lir Andrew Cbadwick, Ko L, the o Ide«i of the band of Bikmen p«n*ioaer«, died on March 15, 17t)3, iii Poland Hu wifi,% Lady Cbodwick, died on Junt) Jd bless her and every body, ^y I, and f toon a good hunband, a thing »bo ha.'* more need i ba# of her. [ Hertzog*s Encyclopatiia in* as its titic inuicarn ^ned to biblical and ecclesiastical subjects, tbaasll fl 111 by no means very stringent in its coofinea. It must have been a well-kno H , »• torn, or fashion of the time amongst exalted iji i Mlua K as inferior persons arc never so reprcaiaited. Planch^ agaio adtortad to the subject in reference to a monument ia t Wt cathedral, and remarked ; — "The circumstance of his [I n^ret I have i note of the name] 1^^ beinjr crossed h&9 j«tr , the opinion he was a ftmous Crusader. — .^ inbcription in red letters: — inn HD^c onje — on the right hand aide, yv^ii enm4v.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. and Irenffius,'' I have only examined three but the title of each agrees with that in gisters of the Stationers* Company ^ — **- of (he Present Stait: of Ireland^ aiscoursed of Dialogue, &c,** The work was entered for publication m but was not printed by it« publisher, L Totlenham. Seed contributed a complete aet of used at the celebration of high maa Sy of 1 teenth century. If this hint be acted on, I would It the entire original and Englii*li be ^ftrollel columns.* M, Y* L. From the dedication of this book to the Earl aii«c- tively admiuiatered at the tioiea of their and every of their Coronatkma." 6 NOTES AND QUERIES. IL Ji LT l» And then proceeds to etiiict : — ^•That the Oath herein mentioned and hereaf Ur ex- pressed, fibull and may be admint Atered to their most Excellent Majesties Kin^ VVil Uam and Queen Mary (whom Gwl long preserve) at the time of their Corona- tion, in tlie presence of all persona that shall be then and there pre^sent at the Bolemniwn^ thereof by the Areb- biflbop of Canterbury or the Arcbbbbop of York, or either of them, or any other Bishop of this Realm whom the Kinf^^a according to the Statutes in Parliament on, and the Laws and Customs of the same? Tho fijllowing are in Watt, but ha does not give the authors* names: — 7. pfti^ Augustin et Aloia de er the latter title, Jou Tancj, there is a paragraph furniahing one of the aub* jects on which — " Grainmalici cortant, et tdhuc fliab jadico lis esi T This will pcrhapa be acceptable to philological students, together with a few qaotatio DS from other writers, especin Oy from one, edited by Sciop- pius, of whom it haa been eaid : — ** Iltfl ;2:r«at power was \n the forooity of bi« satire, and hii wondcrrul knowledge of the pro^jpresa, proprieties, and res DUXoea of the Latio laaf^uage ; in which he wob, pro- bablj% not exceeded by an T one since it ceaaed to tie the living tongue of Ituly." — \Vorthin tvnea online dating-20tvnea online dating-18tvnea online dating-77

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. — Having recently met with some lists of persons of various parishca in Devnnahire with sums of money against their names, which I am informed are termed asju^ss- ffiei Ui in m V/— the date appears to be lti23-20— I wj'^h to know for what object these assess men ta were made, and i C more than one was mftfie,^ reference appears in one list to a fonner oo Ueictad^ Are the names friven those who were tb•' T ** very desirous of knowing aotn BASKERVILLE'd Le TTES TO Ho BACK Wa WHJU In Nichols's Literary Anectlote M of the Ceniitryf vol. 452-4o4, a rcmarkabi from John Baskerville to Ilomce \V«lp printed, which forms a valuable but painful | ture of the struggles and failures of Basked in the production of his famous books, is worth reprinting in " N. 397, we find in« Sir Joun Del lame re " ; but in the notas, t in other parta of the work, we find th " John De la Ware." W^ill some one pk examine this point and say whether these 1 refer to two persons, op that " Dellamere **' a corruption or mistnuiacription of '^ De la ^ T.1 French Proverb. holiday-makintj, away from books, Bod do ' DW whether Worcester quotc^s him* Indeed I iter, with all his wealth of citations, h apt ] Iiorely the name of his author, without the place where the word is to be found* under Hob Ue^de'IJotj^ cites ** Swift,'* no reference. « Lk8 SEN-s/'^In tb© sale of tbe Slade Collec- tion, lot 274 (Sotheby's, Aug* 4, 1808) consisted of *^ Le.f Sens^ po^me [by C, J* Dorat]^ Load res, 1700,' 8vo, which is accompanied by a most in- teresting letter from Sir Charles R. Slade* I did not feel myaelf justified in copying this letter, but perhaps the purchaser will send you a transcript* R. John Tiiylor and 8onii' (of Northampton) Cafoio^itef New 'Series, No. 1 visited Abbota- ford ja company with a Itussian general, who waa not a little sarpn^ed at the honour shown lo Vhv% medal, which, it appears, but f^w Russ Ufi care to wear. f Bt AKKETS, — On Aug^ust 25, 1808, ira of the North Oxforddhiro Archaaolo- itr, who had a iield day in the neigh- if Witney, Oxfordshire, were aliown, by le&i of Mflasrs* Early & Son, the blanket rers of that plaee, a collection of relica lolved corporation of blanket weavers of pnsiating of the charter granted to tbo I by Queen Anne, an oil-painting of the p, the corporate seal, a large pewter HJWt^r Tenidon-diah, and aeveral spoons J with the corporate arma), and several loka and minute-books, the latter con- ny highly restrictive bve-laws as to aize : of Witney blanketa, The old blanket- Bfi MU|ied aa a temperance-hall, ia now H|PPS*OTewer T, but retaina externally Eree* and id atill suruioimted by a cupola^ bfli. Cfyo ER Plt*t's Erift TLE TO Trajajt* — Bk* bra ted letter (the uinety-aeventh of ' «K»k) on the punishment of the Chris- | received the honour (to which from ita rtanct» it ia certainly entitled) of being idited with notes or illuslraliona P I I.

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