Intimidating words that start with s

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Intimidating words that start with s

wither, cause to wither; scorch, parch, fade, decay [seach] nm. past, gone by, away, aside [seachad] by, along, forward, onward, aside, past : seachad air, past him [seachainn] va. an, a turn, alteration : fa seach, mu seach, alternately, by turns, time about [seach] a. All material on this page © 1996-2014 Stephen Chrisomalis. Heroic Adjectives list is also provided which consists of adjectives that appropriately describes a hero/heroine or their heroic deeds.

Moreover, the Romantic Adjectives list is composed of descriptive words that are usually used to convey romantic love or to describe a special someone.

said; dust shaken out of anything, smart blow [sad] va.

ean, upright beam; the part of a blade which is inserted into a handle [saidhe] nf.

-dhean, good, worthy person; magnanimous man; learned man, warrior, scholar [saoil] vn. free, unrestrained, gratuitous, cheap, frank, easily split or broken as wood or stone [saor] va.

liberty, freedom, deliverance, redemption [saothair] nf.

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Finally, the Shortest/ Longest Adjectives categories are composed of adjectives that have the least and the most number of letters.

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