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In 1985, Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live created the "Tommy Flanagan, The Pathological Liar" character who claimed outlandish achievements for himself, culminating in the grand illusion that his wife was Morgan Fairchild.

The obvious remoteness of such a possibility, and its mainstream comic appeal, was testimonial to the broad popularity and desirability of Fairchild at the time.

Kent Police then launched a joint investigation with Polish police into the conspiracy theorist's death.

At an inquest opening in Canterbury in December 2016, the court heard how the 39-year-old had been visiting Poland to speak at a conference after holidaying with a friend in Cyprus.

Her theory was shared by many online, with other conspiracy theorists, UFO investigators and bloggers calling the circumstances of Mr Spiers' death suspicious.

She also appeared in the miniseries North and South in 1985, and its sequel in 1986.

An inquest into the mysterious death of a British conspiracy theorist who died after 'vomiting black liquid' on a trip to Poland has been postponed.

The sudden death of Max Spiers, 39, remains shrouded in suspicion after a friend discovered his body during a trip to Poland.

His inquest opened in December 2016 and the court heard he vomited two litres of black blood before he died.

It was due to resume this Thursday in Maidstone, Kent, but has now been adjourned again with no explanation for the delay and little prospect of it happening this year.

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Mr Spiers was known as a 'supersoldier' by his followers and those in the conspiracy and supernatural community, and went to school with the actor Orlando Bloom.

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