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French oral sex anti smoking campaign

"However, when we talk about submission and dependence, they listen."The 16-year-old who alerted me to the controversy thought it was quite a hoot. She is calling for a ban on the ads as "indecent exposure" and "an affront on public decency." Likewise, a child welfare group called the ads cruel and insensitive toward young child abuse victims.Tobacco company representatives are also incensed at being compared to pedophiles.Surely, the association of a disgusting habit with low-income and less-educated people has its undesirable side. But, at least as far as reducing smoking goes, it seems to have served its purpose: smoking provokes feelings of revulsion and looks of disgust.

The simple point that culture can matter for behaviour and health outcomes is an important one in the Indian context as well, particularly in the area of open defecation.

(As a young man interested in meeting young women, but for whom non-smoking is non-negotiable, I can confirm that this is strongly in line with my observations; the percentage of otherwise attractive young women I see with a cigarette is disturbingly high.)The role of culture Of course, there could be many factors involved here, but I am certain that culture is one of them: in France – and probably in other European countries as well – the common cultural attitudes towards smoking are far more positive than in North America.

And at least some people in France are aware of the problem: an anti-smoking group made headlines a few years ago when it commissioned ads comparing smoking to forced oral sex.

Clearly the problem is far more complicated than just a lack of toilets.

New research continues to point to important costs of open defecation, including impacts on cognitive development and on future earnings.

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