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I let them take control on the specific set list and they did a great job reading the crowd.

One of our guests booked them the next week for their own wedding!

There were reports of Shraddha having a huge fight with her parents and moving in with Farhan at one point in time, following which the two have, on several occasions, denied being romantically involved with one another. It’s a joke within the family that I will bring my husband home (laughs). I have a house of my own where I have my meetings and keep my extra stuff.

Responding to the moving in rumours, Shraddha told a leading daily once, “Yes, I am living in… I have no intention of moving out of my parents’ home and moving into my own apartment, let alone someone else’s!

Just tell us about your vision, and let us take care of the rest.

Furthermore, Kapoor unfollowing Akhtar on Instagram led to a conjecture that they were done with each other for good.

Hollywood popularized the concept in films such as "How to Marry A Millionaire" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds." Marilyn Monroe is the quintessential sugar baby but the thing to remember is that this is the Hollywood.

Every classy sugarbaby needs a night to let loose, so take her for a starlit cruise, to dine and dance in the moonlight, on the General Jackson Showboat.

With Facebook for example, you can share your Instagram photos to your Band Page, where you can ensure the content is larger and more prominent on Timelines than other standard posts.

Tip: Connect your Facebook, Twitter and any other third party social media site by going to: Profile Edit Settings.

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Also, PAs are the only medical care provider who can change their area of practice from one medical specialty to another without additional formal training or certification.

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