Effective online dating usernames

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Effective online dating usernames

King Crimson, yes, Jonathan King, yes – even Focus and and Bad Company, all on Page 1… If it’s a choice between Wikipedia with a vaguely or barely relevant match, and a little niche site with a precise match, Wikipedia is almost certain to win.

It’s understandable that people conclude, in these situations, that the information simply isn’t on the Web. There are in fact lots of references to the 1970s band King online. Indeed, how do you find ANYTHING you’re really after when Google appears not to have it? EXPAND THE SEARCH TERM One of the obvious ways is to expand the search term to be even more specific, and include more keywords.

This is particularly useful when you’re searching for people’s names.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to track down someone with a name like Melanie Spice.

TOUGH SEARCH For example, there was a UK band in the late 1970s, called King.

They recorded for John Peel’s BBC radio show and the session is still in existence, very occasionally getting airplay.

However, they didn’t release any records, and the project was exceptionally short-lived.

Anything you can think of associated with your sought after topic, whack it into the search box.

It doesn’t have to make sense or be a recognisable phrase. Just stuff it with words associated with what you want.

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Melanie Spice gets completely obliterated by Melanie C and Melanie B.