Dating violence in teenagers

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Dating violence in teenagers

This cycle can take place in just minutes, particularly if the abuse has been going on for some time.If you as a parent recognize this cycle in your own home or in your teen's romantic relationship, it is important for you to intervene as soon as possible.In a family setting, the cycle of abuse will be similar, but may have been going on for so long, that there is no “beginning.” And the cycle might occur quickly (minutes or hours) so it is hard to recognize stages.In a romantic or dating situation, there is a time when the relationship is just beginning.

Because the cycle is predictable, it is important for your teen to be aware of what to look for and to be able to recognize the cycle.Abuse affects people of every gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and nationality. It is a way of controlling another person, and even abuse that doesn't leave physical marks can have profound emotional consequences and put the person being abused in danger. Ten percent of high school boys also report having been physically or sexually assaulted by a dating partner, about the same rate reported in earlier surveys, according to a study led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published today in JAMA Pediatrics.Authors of the new report note that the CDC has changed the way it phrases its questions about teen dating violence, leading more students to report assaults.

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Discuss the issue with your teen and express your concerns.