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Finally seeing Teresa's true colors, Juana and Refugio, Teresa's mother, are left heartbroken.Later, during Juana's birthday party, Teresa tries to justify the rejection saying she felt it was necessary for the interview.However, seeing that her friend Aurora is in love with Mariano, she's filled with jealousy and decides to get back together with him.Luisa, Arturo's sister, at first distrusts Teresa, until her "sweetness" convinces her that Teresa is just a humble but kind girl.At this time, Teresa is now in love with Arturo, but at the same time, she believes that he should recover his status.Lucia, Luisa's best friend, likes Arturo, which not only proves Teresa's true love for him, but causes her to be extremely jealous of Lucia.

At first, Mariano cannot get Teresa out of his head and he constantly begs Teresa to leave Arturo, but her ambitions keeps her with Arturo.Teresa donates all of Fernando's money to Paloma's foundation for children after Fernando rejected receiving the stolen fortune.As Teresa tries to correct her mistakes, Refugio denies her daughter as she feels that it's too early to forgive Teresa and can't be sure if her daughter's change is sincere, leaving Teresa all alone.Arturo and Teresa travel to Cancun, and this opens Mariano's eyes, seeing the real Teresa. Before that, Teresa meets Fernando, Luisa's multimillionaire fiancé.Despite her efforts and her constantly thinking of Mariano, Teresa eventually falls in love with Arturo while they are on their belated honeymoon.

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